Partying Smart & Alcohol Poisoning Awareness

A New School Year – Let’s Talk About It

As mentioned, We develop and distribute materials that advocates, administrators, and allies can use to engage students throughout the school year. Talk About It is that collection of complementary workshop materials and follow-up education programs designed to continue engaging and promoting change among the entire USF community. Since, consistent messaging and branding help students make connections between all campus initiatives and resources, we reach out to all departments that educate and empower students on these topics. Since many departments already use materials on their relevant topics, we help by redesigning and branding them Talk About It. 

For sexual violence prevention and alcohol awareness programs to be successful and win the attention of students, we need to deliver an attractive, effective, cohesive, consistent, and positive set of messages around the topics of alcohol, drugs, and sexual misconduct that empower all students to make decisions that ultimately result in a safe, fun, and successful college life experience.

And so the semester begins and our plan to facilitate a successful Fall 2014 goes into full force. Awareness is an incredibly important piece of the puzzle when broaching these challenging topics. At USF, Campus Safety and Partying Smart are topics of focus for August and September. Unfortunately, far too many students die each year from Alcohol poisoning. The three pieces that we created for S.H.A.R.E. (Student Housing and Resident Education) include a 11×17 Party Smart Guide (each room), 36×24 Party Smart Bulletin (for the main floor or each Res Hall) and a 3×5 Alcohol Poisoning Awareness Magnet (each room). 

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We believe that together we can shift campus culture here and across the nation.



Let’s Talk About It

It is time to start an honest dialogue about how alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence affect your life and campus. This blog will highlight how the University of San Francisco is utilizing Talk About It to continue the conversation.

These 2 Minutes Will Change How You Think About Consent is a USF created video and an example of Talk About It that addresses what consent is and how to ask for it. Have a look at this funny and smart video that lends a light hearted and objective perspective to a potentially heavy topic.

Every year, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 599,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 are unintentionally injured under the influence of alcohol, 97,000 are victims of alcohol-related sexual assault, and about 25 percent report academic consequences of their drinking.

Talk About It at the University of San Francisco is a collection of complementary workshops, programs, and educational materials designed to engage and promote change among the entire USF community. It provides students with the opportunity to continue the dialogue about issues around the use and misuse of alcohol (and other drugs) as well as sexual assault prevention topics that were introduced in the required online course, Think About It. The hope is that students are empowered and become socially responsible community members. It is designed to engage and promote change and to maintain a safe & healthy campus culture.

The Talk About It program can be integrated into all departments that touch these topics and this blog will share the ways in which the University of San Francisco has achieved this.

We believe that together we can shift campus culture across the nation.